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Update from Campbell River United Church Council – November 2022
The Campbell River United Church Council would like to thank the congregation for their 
support during these last few years. Last August, Council sent out stewardship letters to 
encourage our members to increase their givings. Thanks to all that were able to do so. 
Council extended Reverend Fanning’s full time contract last July for another year so we could 
continue to provide stability for this community of faith.
Unfortunately, our current finances show that we can no longer support full-time ministry and 
so Rev. Fanning’s contract with CRUC will end January 31, 2023.
Despite our current financial situation Council still has faith that CRUC remains an important 
part of Campbell River. While our congregation is not the same size as it was before the 
pandemic, we have welcomed new people into our congregation. Our outreach programs are 
still running thanks to a small group of dedicated volunteers and our now healthy building 
continues to be a hub for a variety of groups.
Council will need to look closely at how to increase our funds so we can support our payroll for 
the next 3 months and re-evaluate how we can provide ministry going forward after January. 
Financial Committee Volunteers:
One step of guiding the new direction of the church is examining the church’s finances to 
determine what form of ministry we will be able to afford and when. If you are interested in 
being involved in the church’s financial committee to support the decisions being made, please 
email [email protected] and let him know of your interest.
Pastoral Care Volunteers:
Pastoral care is many things. It can be catching up with a friend. Reaching out in times of 
need. It can be provided through phone calls, emails, visits, cards, or many other ways. If you 
are interested in volunteering to provide pastoral care to other members of the church 
community, please email amelia[email protected] and let Amelia know. Volunteers will 
be provided with support and training, and can volunteer in the way that feels right to them. If 
you have any questions about this, please email as well.
Church Priorities Survey:
At the congregational information session on October 2nd, a survey was handed out to 
attendees to gauge what was most important to our community. If you would like to fill out 
that survey or know people who would like to fill out the survey, you can at this link:
We know that there may be many challenges in our future, but we have faith that the Spirit 
will continue to guide us.
Blessings from your CRUC Church Council