Church Council and Committee Contact List

Minister:    Wayne Hughes [email protected]

Council Chair:   Mary-lou Vanstone [email protected]

Secretary:  Lee Rumley [email protected]
Treasurer:  Janice Bossenberry [email protected]


Worship:  Heather Miller [email protected]
M&P:    Logan Ronhovde  [email protected]
Mission & Outreach:
Building/Maintenance: Rudy Van Dyk [email protected]
Member-at-large: Lynn Aikman [email protected]

Presbytery Rep Bob Glover [email protected]
Presbytery Rep Carol Bye [email protected]

Groups reporting to Council:
Breakfast Prog. chair: Rudy Van Dyk [email protected]
Gardening Group: Lynn Aikman  [email protected]
Soup Kitchen:
Visioning Group: Brenda Geddert