Church Council

  • Council chair - Harvey Kimball
  • Treasurer - Bill Huxham
  • Worship - Laurie McCulligh
  • Secretary - Darlene Cadwallder
  • M&P - Rudy Van Dyk 
  • Breakfast Club - Harvey Kimball
  • UCW - Vicky Huxham
  • Healing Pathway - Darlene Cadwallader


  • It's A Team Approach!! - With Covid-19 restrictions currently preventing in-person worship services, a team of volunteers is active in creating a pre-recorded service that becomes part of our Zoom home church experience each week.  The team includes the minister, PowerPoint producer (Sharon Paish), a virtual choir (Nicole Taylor, pianist; Peach Akerhielm, music video coordinator; plus a number of volunteer choir voices), Scripture readers (roster is coordinated by Sharon Paish), and a team of Zoom hosts (roster is coordinated by Gale Glover).  

Your Worship Committee works with the Minister, office administrator, and Music Director in planning all aspects of worship, including the sanctuary appearance, especially during holiday seasons, form and structure of services, and obtaining volunteers for any readings, narratives, or dramatic presentations.

Some examples of work we have done in the past are:

  • enlist the help of congregation members for candle-lighting during the Advent season and Lenten season,
  • set a date for decorating the Christmas tree, what the decorations will be (theme and donations), 
  • and set a time for White Gift Sunday

The Worship Committee is responsible for recruiting Communion servers and developing a Communion roster. The committee has created an information sheet that sets out the duties of the Communion servers.

During this COVID isolation time, your committee has been working on finding worship music and delivering the twice-monthly Newsletter to those without email access. We have been meeting regularly with our Minister in planning the Zoom Sunday Worship Services.

We pray that a time where we can resume worshipping together is in the not too distant future.

In addition to ensuring a spiritually-nurturing worship experience, the team is responsible for the maintenance of the Historic Role and welcoming of new members through baptism, reaffirmation of faith, and transfer.  Judy Sharpe is currently maintaining oversight of the Historic Roll and representing the community of faith at services of celebration and welcome of new members.


Ministry and Personal (M&P)

  • Rudy van Dyk, Chair ([email protected]   250-923-6163)
  • Brenda Geddert (250-923-2483)
  • Laurie McCulligh (250-923-0077)

The Ministry and Personnel Committee (M&P) is the only mandatory committee that Campbell River United Church (CRUC) Council is required to have. M&P has the following responsibilities:  

a. Being available for consultation and support for matters involving CRUC staff.

b. Overseeing the relationship of CRUC staff to each other and to people in the congregation.

c. Regularly reviewing the working conditions, responsibilities, and compensation of staff

d. Making recommendations, as needed as a result of these reviews, to Council.

e. Revising position descriptions of staff, as needed.

f. Conducting annual performance reviews of staff.

g. Scheduling staff vacations, educational leave, and any other leave.

h. Maintaining contact with the Pacific Mountain Region.  

The M&P Committee is accountable to Council and works to foster healthy relationships between members of staff and the congregation.  

Forms will be available to anyone who wishes to convey praise or concerns about the staff, in confidence, to the M&P Committee, who will then work to recommend action.  



Minor maintenance and repairs are carried out on an as-needed basis, often not requiring prior approval. Lower cost purchases for such work are usually made from Home Hardware, where we have a charge account accessible by Rudy van Dyk. Any more major work or work requiring outside contractors is usually brought to the Council for approval.Maintenance also includes monthly inspections of the fire extinguishers, scheduling annual inspections of the fire alarm system components, changing batteries in the programmable thermostats and security motion detectors.Sean Dunne looks after mowing the grass along the boulevards while other volunteers look after other landscaping requirements.  Maintenance requirements may be brought to Rudy’s attention at 250-923-6163.


Breakfast Program

The breakfast program was initiated in 2013 to provide a nutritious breakfast to Pinecrest Elementary School kids who were coming to school without having had breakfast. The program is run by a group of volunteers and lead by a contracted coordinator, Sharon Paish. The program operates during school times only.


Mission & Outreach

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Regional Representative

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