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In this in-between time, Elaine Julian is offering a weekly half-hour prayer time every Tuesday at 10 am on Zoom where we can share our reflections and prayers.  Being present and interacting with each other is important for this type of prayer, so it is only available live and not as a recording. 

The simple liturgy includes the lectionary Psalm and Gospel readings for the following Sunday, prayers, silence, and shared reflections.  Elaine will use prayers from the Daily Prayers in Voices United (pp. 906-915) and "Celtic Prayers from Iona" by J. Philip Newell.  The focus is on scripture, reflection, and prayer rather than discussion.  The liturgy will be posted on the website each week prior to the prayer time.  


For more information and instructions on getting on Zoom, please go to the Members Login section at the bottom of the website page and sign in.  You can also phone or email Elaine directly.