Cathy Smith
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The following rules shall govern the entry and use of the church building
until further notice.

1. The building will remain closed with the exception of the daycare area
which must be entered/vacated via its own, independent, access door.
One daycare supervisor will be authorized to arm/disarm the building
security alarm system. Article #4 shall apply.

2. The church’s office administrator and maintenance manager shall be
the only authorized persons having access to the building. Current key
holders shall not enter the building during this closure period.

3. The building shall be accessed via the office entry only. All other doors
shall remain locked.

4. Upon entry, hand sanitizing and entry log registration noting name, date
and time of entry will be required.

5. The office administrator will be responsible for ensuring the office
environment including hard surfaces, equipment, furniture, office door
knob, exit door handle, and washroom door handle are sanitized before
leaving the building.

6. The maintenance manager shall wear a mask and gloves when in the
building. This will not be a requirement for the administrator. Social
distancing between these two persons shall be maintained when both
are present in the building.