For the past 3 summers our church has offered a five-day day camp for children ages 5 to 12 years. Each day, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, 20 to 30 children focused on the theme of  100 Acts of Love (2016), Caring for Creation and Living Peacefully (2014), and  Biblical Superheroes (2015).  Funding for the camp program and its facilitators came from the Comox-Nanaimo Presbytery ProVision Fund, while the food (snacks and lunches) as well as volunteer helpers, came from the congregation. 

This past summer the theme was 100 Acts of Love, and the children incorporated the theme into their dramas, play and arts and crafts.   It was so encouraging to see over 30 children attend this year and enjoy their time with Rachael and Jordan and the junior leaders and church volunteers.

In 2015 every day explored the idea of a different superhero and their story from the bible.  Daniel was a favorite.  Each day the story was actd out and then the events from the story were used for crafts, games and play.

For the first four days in 2014 the focus was on a different aspect of creation - land, wilderness, air and water - explored through crafts, music, stories, outdoor and indoor games and an excursion to the spit. The final day focused on Peace and the children painted a cedar "Peace Pole" with the words "May peace prevail on Earth", written in a different language on each of the four sides.  This Peace Pole has since been "planted" outside the front door of the church.

We will be running another Day Camp next summer and hope to be able to accommodate more children than past years.  We know that many of the children that attended the camp last year are already looking forward to this one.

If you wish to volunteer for this outreach program, or if you have any quesions please contact the church office at 250.286.0431 and speak to Wayne.